Chile – From North to South

Check out my short travel guide and personal experience post about Chile. This year it will be 10 years ago that I’ve been there. I had to grub deep in my memory 😀 Check it out here. Comments, questions and feedback are welcome 🙂

My top 25 destinations 2018

I want to tell you about my top 25 destinations in 2018. It was a year full of traveling for me and every single destination was great and is recommendable from my point of view: Tallinn, Estonia Helsinki, Finland Vilnius, Lithuania Trakai, Lithuania Wroclaw, Poland Cracow, Poland Abu Dhabi, Emirates Beijing, China The great Wall,…

Burg Eltz

Ups… I did it again today 😀 A short post about the amazing Eltz Castle in Germany. Check it out here

Your personal Travel Guide

Are you interested to find a local guide who will show you the hidden places of your travel destination? If so, check this: Is your next destination Lisbon? Then click here to book your local guide.

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Romantic Road

Read my new article about my long weekend trip to Neuschwanstein. Have you been there? Tell me about it! Read here. 

2 weeks in Paradise

Hey everybody, finally, my post about my 2 weeks in Paradise, Seychelles, is online! I hope you enjoy to read about my experience and tipps there 🙂 Your welcome to leave a comment!

New Post about Tibet

Hey, a new Post about my travel to Tibet is online! If you have any further questions about that trip, let me know! Click here to read!

New Post is up in English! 12 hours in Abu Dhabi

I know, it is not very professional to write a blog in mixed languages. But I got the feedback to please write my next post in english – and as it is very time consuming to translate all the existing ones  I simply don’t do it. It is a try now – Do you want…