Lviv or Little Paris

Lviv is the sixth largest city in western Ukraine. Maybe an unusual city trip and maybe some of you never heard about that place but it will change now as I’m going to tell you a bit about Lviv and why it is worth to visit. Ryanair is going from Duesseldorf Weeze on Thursdays and Saturdays – which is a perfect time frame for visiting that city. The flight is early in the morning and you have two full days to explore.

People call Lviv little Paris or little Vienna. Regarding the architecture you really might feel a bit like being in Paris or Vienna. The best thing is, it is not over crowded with tourists yet but I am quite sure this will change in a few years…For me it was kind of a special trip as I visited my 50th country 🙂 Want to know more about the history of Lviv? Click here.

Top 15 things to do in Lviv

You have plenty of museums and churches you can visit but I’ll give you an overview about the 15 most popular and interesting sites for your trip!

1. Lychakivsky Cementary an old cementary laid out in the late 18th century. It’s packed full of western Ukraine’s and Polish poets and soldiers. You pay a little entrance of around 1 Euro. Watch out for the flower shop opposite. There are people offering a guided tour. We didn’t know that so we missed it and I cannot tell you anything about the price but believe me, it won’t be expensive 😉

2. Rynok Square and old town – it’s the heart of the old city, simply the market square. beautiful old buildings and a lot of shops, bars and restaurants around.

3. Lviv Opera House – This is one of the most important sites of the city. The Opera House compromises various European architectural styles and if you fancy and are lucky to be there at the right time you can even watch a show for very little money.

Lviv Opera House

4. Potocki Palace – it was built in the 18th century as an urban seat of the former Minister President of Austria. Now it’s the Lviv Art Gallery.

Potocki Palace

5. Lviv City Hall – located right in the middle of Reno Square. Make sure to get up, you get a beautiful view over Lviv. You pay a little entrance fee.

6. Dominican Cathedral – located in the old town. A beautiful church worth a visit.

Dominican Cathedral

7. Lviv High Castle – in my opinion a bit overrated by people recommending it but if you want to go for a walk in a park it’s quite nice. You get view over Lviv but the view from the City Hall is way more beautiful.

8. Pharmacy Museum – also located on Rynok Square, you pay a little entrance fee and you walk through an old pharmacy. It’s ok but not a must do.

Walking through the Pharmacy Museum

9. Pyana Vishnya – located right at the corner of the market square. Buy a glass of sweet cherry wine and go in front of the small bar and drink it. It’s really yummy but be careful, it’s kind of strong 😀 Make sure to not have an empty stomach 😀

10. Lviv Handmade Chocolate – it’s a shop and Café where you can buy different kinds of chocolate and also order different kinds of chocolate drinks and coffee. It’s located in the old town and a must visit. You walk through different floors and can also watch the chocolate being made. Oh, make sure you get to the roof top – nice view 🙂


View from the roof top

11. Lviv Coffee Manufacture – also located on the corner of the old town. Great varieties of coffee, a very nice place!




12. Confectionery place on Kopernika Street 1, very close to the Adam Mickiewicz Monument. The interior is just beautiful and the cakes, OMG, you need to sit there, order a cake and a coffee and just relax 🙂

13. Toy Museum – it’s not really a museum. It’s a backyard where you can see lost toys of children. The place is a bit creepy but interesting to see.

14. Baczewski Restaurant – a place to discover authentic Galician cuisine. It’s one of the most popular restaurants in Lviv and you need to book a table in advance if you want to have dinner. They also offer a Brunch which is limited to 1,5h for the guest and doesn’t need reservation. The food is really good and the restaurant itself has a very atmospheric interior.

15. Just stroll around the old town and discover the city on your own or with a guide! You will find plenty of other places worth visiting and trying out coffee places, bars and restaurants.

Before I went, I didn’t know that Ukraine is famous for its chocolate, coffee and even Lebkuchen.

Ukraine Lebkuchen

The city of lion has it all.

The City of Lion

As I’m a real coffee lover, I enjoyed it a lot having all these coffee booths all over the city. Cheap and really good 🙂


Lviv is a great city and it’s really cheap. You can eat and drink in the best bars and restaurants and pay very little money. It’s the perfect destination for budget traveler. Hurry up, before it gets over crowded with tourists! I definitely want to explore a bit more of Ukraine, probably the sea side next time 🙂 Have you been to Ukraine? If so, where about and what was your experience? Tell me about it! If you have any more questions about Lviv, just drop me a message or comment 🙂

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  1. Marcel sagt:

    Hey Moni,
    cooler blog! Du warst ja wirklich schon überall… Fehlt nur noch der Mond. Oder ist da schon etwas in dieser Richtung geplant?! 😉
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    1. Danke 😊 Ne, den Mond lass ich aus, die Welt ist groß genug 😅


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