Top 3 Places in Schleswig-Holstein & Niedersachsen

Slowly, I’m exploring Germany. I went to Hamburg by car to visit my friend. I have been there several times so we decided to explore a bit the surroundings, places which are not far away such as the Timmendorfer Strand at the North Sea and 2 other cities. If you want to read more about Hamburg, please click here.


1. Timmendorfer Strand


Timmendorfer Strand is a well known holiday destination at the North Sea in the state Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. From Hamburg it’s an 1h drive if you’re not stuck in traffic. I can highly recommend to rent bikes and explore the town by bike. There is also an awesome bike route which I can highly recommend. You just need to watch out as you’re not allowed to cycle on all ways. There are some parts where you need to get off the bike. We paid 9 Euro for renting a bike for the whole day, which is quite cheap. In the small city center you can find a lot of gastronomy. You won’t starve 🙂 I really enjoyed that day trip!




2. Lübeck


On our way back from Timmendorfer Strand to Hamburg we did a quick & dirty stop in Lübeck. Lübeck is a big city, also in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. If you have the chance, visit Lübeck! It’s a really beautiful city! The historical center of Lübeck was declared UNESCO World heritage site in 1987.

What you should not miss in Lübeck:


1. Holstentor


The Holsten Tor is a city gate and was built in 1464. It’s a gothic brick cobtruction and it’s one of the two remaining city gates. The Holstentor is also Lübeck’s landmark.


Lübeck Holstentor
Lübeck Holstentor


2. The historical city center


Just stroll around the streets of the historical center. The houses are really cute and beautiful. Look for a nice coffee shop or bar and sit outside and have a drink. Enjoy life 🙂



3. View over Lübeck from the top of Petri Church


The Petri Church was built between 1227 and 1250. Today, it is used as an event location. If you want to enjoy Lübeck from the top, you should go up the Petri Church. You even don’t need to take the stairs – there is an elevator.


4. Market Square & Town Hall


Lübeck’s town hall market square is really nice. Especially the town hall is beautiful, built in the brick gothic style. Also, on the market square you can find the famous Café Niederegger which is famous for its marzipan.



5. The harbour of Lübeck


The harbour promenade of Lübeck is really beautiful. Along the harbour you can find some restaurants, bars and coffee places.



3. Lüneburg


My favourite was Lüneburg. You might not have it on your bucket list when being in the northern part of Germany but you should definitely put it on there! I even liked Lüneburg more than Lübeck. The city of  Lüneburg is also just around the corner of Hamburg but in the state of Niedersachsen in Germany. What can I say? Just stroll around the city with its beautiful buildings and stop for a beer at the small harbour.




That’s it what I’ve seen so far of the Northern Germany. More to come, hopefully! Soon 🙂 Any recommendations, comments? Feel free to let me know!

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