About me

That’s me 😀


Hi, my name is Monika. I am from Germany. Actually, I was born in Poland but grew up in Germany. I also lived in Santiago de Chile, Manchester and London 😀 I have that intercultural vibe no matter what roots flow in my blood 😅 I love traveling. Who does not love it? Whenever I have time off, holidays, long weekends I explore our beautiful planet 🙂 When did I get the travel fever? Actually, I was always traveling but the fever I got after I spent a term during my Bachelors degree (2009/2010) in Chile. After the term ended, I traveled with a friend for 2 month through South America! And there I also lost my heart ❤

I want to share with you my adventures. I also do it for myself as I enjoy writing and I think it’s a good memory or better said diary about all my travel adventures 🙂 I hope you enjoy reading my blog! Any comments/feedback is appreciated!

Safe travels!

Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer 😉 Old but still good 🤷‍♀️