A weekend in Innsbruck

My last trip was to Innsbruck in Austria in 2018. I found really cheap flights on Ryanair for the weekend of the 15th December. I couldn’t resist, as usual. The flight was Saturday morning and return Sunday evening (from Düsseldorf) and it was only 30 € return 🙂 As for a spontaneous weekend getaway it was perfect in terms of cost and time. Anyone, who is thinking of going to Innsbruck I can only recommend. It is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains and worth a visit.


A bit about Innsbruck

Innsbruck is the capital city of Tyrol and the fifth biggest city in Austria. Innsbruck is surrounded between high mountains of the Karwendel Alps. The Hafelekarspitze is 2,334 metres high and you can get within 20 minutes from the city centre up to the top of the mountain.

Arrival in Innsbruck, 1st day

We arrived in Innsbruck midday. The connection between the airport and the city center is very good. Just take the bus F outside the airport and within 25 minute you’re right in the city center. Our hotel was the AC Hotel by Marriot just 5 minutes walking to the old town of Innsbruck. If you’re only staying for 1 or 2 nights the hotel is perfect and either not too expensive. When having just little time, I think it is always better to pay a bit more for the accommodation and being very close to the city center. Maybe you pay a bit more but in the end it is the same because you would need to spend the money you saved on transportation. And we had an incredible view from our hotel room. Look!


To be honest, this time I didn’t really have a plan what to see, where to go and what to do. Sometimes I like to go to cities without a plan, especially if it is not a big city and all important things are clearly represented. Innsbruck was lovely decorated for Christmas time and there are quite a few Christmas markets around. I just loved the old town, it felt like being in a fairytale 🙂

A little bit I felt like in Italy 😀 You could hear more Italian than German. While being in the queue for something for eat, someone behind me was explaining to his friends that the Italians are coming to Innsbruck for the christmas markets and the food, especially the Bratwurst 😀


We went up the city tower of Innsbruck. It cost 4 € but you have an incredible view over the city. You also see the famous „Goldenes Dachl“ (golden roof).



Mariahilf district, just outside the historic centre, is the place you can find the famous row of houses located next to the river. It really is the perfect photo spot.



I found it quite difficult to find a nice place for dinner with typical food. There are a few restaurants around but not all were nice and many were already full when we wanted to eat something. It was really good having the Christmas market because in the end, we bought some typical Austrian food there and were full and happy with some mulled wine on top 🙂

Did I mention that it was a Mum & Daughter weekend? No? Now you know 😀 We finished a great day with a drink at the hotel bar.

A summary of our first day in Innsbruck:

  1. Arriving around 12:30 at Innsbruck airport and taking bus F to the city center
  2. Hotel Check-in
  3. Strolling all day around Innsbruck, especially the historic centre which is as beautiful as a fairytale
  4. Going up the city tower (Stadtturm)

Innsbruck, 2nd Day and departure

We started our day with a yummy breakfast at the „Breakfast Club„. I know that place from London and love it! As going up to the mountains takes only 20 minutes form the city center you shouldn’t miss that trip while in Innsbruck.


Watch out for discounts. We got a 10% voucher from our hotel when booking the tickets online. The tickets are time bound but going up every 15 minutes. Going up to the highest point, the Hafelekarspitze cost us 32 € return.


The view is incredible and you can watch the skiers and snowboarders going down the mountain.

I felt like being back in my childhood, surrounded by a lot of snow and the best thing as the weather. It was sunny up there and not cold at all. We spent around 4 hours up there and it was just great!

You can also get some food, coffee or mulled wine on top of the mountain 🙂

There is also a tiny Christmas market with a breathtaking view over the city. After we went down, we still had some time left and went to the cathedral as we couldn’t visit it the first day because it was already closed when we reached.


After our visit to the cathedral it was time to go to the central station taking the bus to the airport.


Summary of day 2:

  1. Breakfast at the Breakfast Club
  2. Going up the Karwendel Alps to the Hafelekarspitze with the Hungerburgbahn
  3. Visiting the cathedral
  4. Going to the airport

My conclusion

I loved Innsbruck even though there is not as much to see and do like in London, Berlin or Paris. It is a great short getaway for the weekend and really beautiful during Christmas time. If you plan a trip to Innsbruck, don’t hesitate, do it! It is worth a visit. I will definitely be back to Austria 🙂

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